Over the years Peter Langer has worked with many people from various governments, companies, organizations and individuals.
This is what they have to say about me:


Air Canada:

Thank you again for a superb presentation (as always). You masterfully bring to light cultural information, practical tourist “must-knows” and product highlights, all bundled together and beautifully gift wrapped with amazing one of a kind images! It’s a pleasure to work with a pro!

Edna Ray
Regional Sales Manager - British Columbia

It was very nice to meet you and take in your presentation - very informative!  We also appreciated your commentary and endorsement on Air Canada product.  It was just the push we needed to get everyone excited about our new service and Mexico as a destination.

James Howey
Regional General Manager, Passenger Sales - British Columbia

Angel Destinations:

After a year of many meetings, discussions, long and difficult trips, bad weather and a very limited budget, you have finished the audiovisual presentation “Impressions of Colombia”.

The audiovisual exceeded our expectations in the quality of the pictures and the image of The Colombia that nobody sees. This is reflected on the many comments that we received after your presentation in January 2013 at the Ferry Building in West Vancouver.

We are very confident that with the unique way that you present a destination and this excellent audiovisual, we will be able to get many people interested in visiting Colombia. Personally, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to share the expertise and knowledge that you have on how to market a destination.

I hope in the near future we will do other projects as we continue to promote Latin America as a destination.

Once again thank you. Sincerely,

Federico Angel
Angel Destinations


Association of Canadian Travel Agencies:

Thank you for your wonderful multi-media presentations at the ACTA National Conference and International Travelmart in Vancouver. Your photographs and presentations were exceptional and immensely enjoyed by all the participants. It was a pleasure to work with you on the two presentations and I would like to compliment you on your professionalism and enthusiastic approach to your work.

Wendy Walton
Conference Director


Bear Lair Communications:

I've seen several of Peter's visual presentations, and his photos are superb, covering a wide variety of subjects. In addition to his images, Peter's commentaries are both entertaining and informative. His passion for his work really shows through.

John Geary
Freelance writer-photographer-editor-lecturer

Bestway Tours & Safaris:

Over the years we have had the good fortune to use your services both as a photographer as well as to produce for us multi media presentations on our destinations and products..

In both cases your output has been highly commendable.

You have a very good eye for photography - be they historical objects, people's profile, scenery, festive activities, etc.
In your presentations you have been able to captivate the audience by bringing life to these objects.

Your photographic memory and knowledge of history and facts helps in making the audience feel that they are there.

We have enjoyed working with you and hope to continue this further.

With best wishes

Mahmood Poonja
Explorer in Chief


Vice-Ministry Of Tourism of Bolivia:

We would like to recognize you for you good efforts to promote tourism to Bolivia in the Canadian market through multi-image presentations and photography of tourist destinations as well as community-based tourism ventures.

Sandro Ivan Cahuaya Quispe
Vice-Minister of the Tourism Industry

Bolivian Embassy, Ottawa - Canada:

I have the honor to acknowledge that "Impressions of Bolivia", produced by Peter Langer is a valuable material to the Embassy for the promotion of our cultural heritage. I enjoyed the beautiful pictures of our beautiful homeland, to the beat of our folk heritage. I reiterate my appreciation for this wonderful contribution.

Edgar Torrez Mosqueira


Canadian Diabetes Association:

Thank you so much for your generosity in loaning us your fabulous Spanish slide show. Your show was viewed intently by a great many guests. The reality of actual pictures was a perfect contrast to the fantasy of the hand painted decorative figures.

Barney Ellis-Perry
Special Events Coordinator - Canadian Diabetes Association, Vancouver Branch


Chile - National Commission on the Environment:

The photographs are wonderful, the images and selected music, make one desire to travel there, exactly what we wished for. We are certain that this product enhances the natural beauty of the Sendero de Chile in the Alto Loa Zone.

It is the opinion of this technical counterpart, that the production has been excellent, responds to the agreement and is a valuable tool for disseminating the work of the National Environment Commission of the Region of Antofagasta. We believe also, that it represents a powerful material for promotion of tourism along this stretch of the Sendero de Chile and we believe will be very useful to travelers in Chile and abroad. We appreciate the English and Spanish versions.

Patricia de la Torre V.
Regional Director II Region


Consulate General of Chile, Vancouver:

Mr. Peter Langer is an active contributor to this consulate and has been of great help to promote the image of Chile in Canada. I would like to acknowledge his degree of professionalism and help to our country.

Maria Eliana Cuevas B.
Consul General of Chile in Vancouver


Consulate General of Peru, Vancouver:

Peter Langer is an impressive photographer. He has travelled extensively and has an astonishing body of work. Peter Langley’s photographs of Peru are breathtaking. He knows the country by heart and his images represent all the distinctiveness that Peru has to offer.

Augusto Morelli Salgado
Consul General of Chile in Vancouver

Cossette Communications:

Thanks for the speedy response! There were lots of unique images, so the campaign looks good.


Crystal Cruises:

We were very impressed with the presentation. We were especially impressed with your photography. Your multi-image production was very well done.

Douglas E. Duncan
Senior Vice-President, Sales

You are outstanding!

Cathy Denroche Browne
District Sales Manager

Thank you very much indeed for the beautiful presentation that you created for us at the AAA Convention in Orlando. Your work was absolutely fantastic. We were especially impressed with your photography, and would like to use you again…

Marilyn Richardson-Conroy
Director of National Accounts


Cultural Tours:

The quality of Mr. Langer's work was both highly professional and innovative. The difference in quality from even a good slide presentation and Mr. Langer's is a marked difference. Mr. Langer's work is not only most impressive, there is a degree of care and artistry one seldom finds...

Manlo Cheng


Daniel Izzard, Master Impressionist:

The first time that I saw a multimedia presentation of Peter Langer was about Central Europe, I was enthralled with his photography and the way he captivated the light, his perfect composition, we both agreed in unison that there is no light like in Varanasi or Benares at very early morning, these factors started a long business and personal relationship.

As an Impressionist artist I focus on perspective, colour, spontaneity, passion, power and poetry; visual aspects that I share with Peter Langer when it comes to capturing the world that surrounds us.

Daniel Izzard, F.C.A.


Development Bank of the Philippines

I sincerely am impressed with the way you handle the tourism presentation. Clearly your expertise in the area is exemplary.

Jesus S. Guevara II
Senior Vice President


Doctors without Borders - Medicins Sans Frontieres:

A big thank you for your wonderful Images of Canada presentation at the Benefit Concert. Your generosity and compassion is sincerely appreciated.

Helene Genest
Coordinator MSF Canada - Western Regional Office


Ferry Building Gallery, West Vancouver

On behalf of the Ferry Building Gallery it is my pleasure to thank Peter Langer for his outstanding photographic presentations and exhibitions and to recommend his professional skills and services as a photographer.

Mr Langer has presented many of his photographs in our public gallery and his work is always received with awe and appreciation. His ability to capture the moods, emotions and the essence of people is exceptional and inspiring, and his images are the clearest, the most creative and the most beautiful that I have ever seen. Combining exquisite skill with an intuitive and sensitive ability of how to photograph a person, Mr Langer's photographs are the cutting edge of portraiture .

I work with many photographers and Mr Langer is always professional, organized, informed, and knowledgeable.

If you want the best there is, Mr Langer is the photographer for you.

Ruth Payne
Visual Arts Coordinator/Curator

Hong Kong Tourist Association, Toronto:

Thank you for the assistance in producing the captioned video for our launch in Vancouver & Toronto. The video was well received in both cities by the trade and it will be used throughout the year for our promotion.

Michael Lin
Marketing Manager

India Tourist Office:

After our successful launch of "Impressions of India" slide presentation, we have used the video cassette of the same presentation on a few occasion, and I am happy to report that the presentation has been receiving appreciation from the audience. It is really nice that we have come up with a good tool to project India's varied tourist attractions. Your contribution towards this effect is highly appreciated.

T.D. Singh
Director - Government of India Tourist Office, Toronto

Lisbeth Holt, Freelance travel writer and poet:

You are a magician, I swear! These photographs are beyond fabulous. You captured the very soul of the Yucatan in these breath-taking, awe-inspiring images. Thank you so much!


Lufthansa Airlines:

Thank you very much for your excellent photography service during our recent event celebrating the launch of our seasonal flights between Vancouver and Munich as well as the 30th anniversary of our Vancouver-Frankfurt route. With approximately 120 guests present, you have done a marvelous job capturing the atmosphere, the mood and everybody present, giving us a great album of souvenirs we will cherish for years to come. It was important to us to document this celebratory occasion and you have helped us to do so with the beautiful photos you have taken. I can personally recommend your services to anyone who would wish to employ a professional photographer.

Sitare Pekcan
District Sales Manager Western Canada
Lufthansa Group

The quality of Mr. Langer's work was both highly professional and innovative. Associated Media Group offered very good value and worked closely with Lufthansa personnel to meet our specific requirements. All these shows received an extremely good reception from the audience.

Peter Kargl
Passenger Sales Promotion Manager

Mexi-Can Holidays, Vancouver:

Peter Langer's photos are unique, amazingly beautiful and speak volumes. I have worked with Peter for the past 20 years and his photography has helped us promote and sell our specialized tour programs to Mexico, Latin America and Asia.

Myrna I. Bubica
General Manager


Mexico Tourism Board:

Peter Langer’s work ranges from spectacular images that portray the real Mexico to great educational and entertaining presentations. He always pays attention to detail while embracing the colors and the diversity that you find in our country. We are always delighted to work with Peter.

Cesar Mendoza
Director - Mexico Tourism Board in Vancouver


North Shore Arts Commission:

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for your contribution to this year's FANS Award Night. You did an absolutely fantastic job on the multi-media presentation for Daniel Izzard and Michael Conway Baker.

Barbara Perrault
Chair, FANS Committee


Pacific Asia Travel Association:

Peter has a passionate belief in the promotion of tourism to the whole of Southeast Asia - and to the development of tourism to the Mekong Delta in particular. His cultural sensitivity and his excellent photographic skills are combined through the creation of thoughtfully narrated, visually impressive multi-media educational presentations to the travel industry and to the community...

Paul Simmonds
Chairman P.A.T.A. Western Canada Chapter

Peter's representations of tourism development, destinational benefits, cultural attractions and the unique appeal of Southeast Asian countries and regions is unequaled. The end result is that his work educates, entertains, inspires and motivates the viewer, particularly travel sales professionals...

Thank you for your support of our recent "Discover Vietnam" evening. Your slide presentation was fantastic, our guests were mesmerized by the superb quality of your images!

Alison Scott
PR & Publicity Chair - P.A.T.A. Western Canada Chapter

May we express our appreciation to you for the excellent presentation that was given to our members and guests. "Impressions of Asia" provided a pictorial reflection, normally not available to our members..

Libby Brown
Chairman P.A.T.A. Western Canada Chapter


Pacific Rim Institute of Tourism:

We appreciated all of your efforts in assisting us with A/V requirements for the event. It was good to have an expert work with us. We were also pleased that we were able to show your video at the dinner.

Malcolm Ashford
Local Committee Chair, Vancouver


Philippine Airlines:

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude for the efforts you exerted in the completion of the Philippine Airlines Destinations audio visual. The multi-image production contributed greatly to the over-all success of our thematic advertising campaign "Asia's Sunniest".

Joy Lynn M. Pasiliao
Promotions & Special Events

I would like to thank you for all the support you have provided for the success of our relaunch. I pray for your continued zeal, professionalism and success.

Antonio P. Alviar Jr.
PAL - Promotions


Philippines - Department of Tourism:

The quality of Mr. Langer's work was both highly professional and innovative, his photographic impressions of the country, activities and people have best reflected a tourist impression of the Philippines.

Peachy Pelaez
Tourism Attache, San Francisco


Royal Cruise Line:

Your photos are beautiful and appreciate you giving us time to look through them. It was a difficult decision to pick only a few!

Barbara Cox
Director, Marketing Services

Sitara International:

For over ten years Peter Langer has done numerous photography, slide shows and presentations for our tours to Central Asia. Peter has done a remarkable job. We like his style and themes that he captures in each of his photographs.

Because Peter is a very well travelled person he portrays each destination as unique and works around it to show the feelings of the real local life. His multimedia presentations with just pictures and local music educate the viewer of what one can expect to see when visiting the destination.

We highly recommend Peter Langer. It is always a pleasure to work with him.

Khadim Nathoo

South African Consulate General, Toronto:

Thank you so much for your participation at the "South African Evening". Both I and our guests were greatly impressed by the quality of the audio-visual presentation which you made.

Patrick C. Evans
Consul General


Tourism British Columbia:

We have received nothing but positive responses so far about your photo on the cover of the British Columbia Accommodations Guide. Thank you for taking such a great shot.

Joanne MacRitchi
Coordinator, Publications


Trek Holidays:

We have over the past couple of years contracted Peter for several Trek Holidays promotional audio visual presentations and working with him has been a pleasure. He was open to all suggestions and worked hand in hand with us to ensure that we were kept informed of the projects progress and supplied the finished product in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to recommend the Associated Media Group.

Allan R. Ronneseth

Walker Design & Communications:

Peter Langer is an extraordinary photographer. He has traveled the globe to capture the essence of the world's people and their environments. His compassion and enthusiasm for his subjects gives his work that extra depth and beauty. His multimedia presentations of this work use music to frame his experiences and reinforce the power of the visual experience. Peter is a joy to work with and always delivers on time and on budget. I would highly recommend his services to anyone wishing to make a powerful visual statement.

Shelley Walker


Wines of Chile:

Your "Impressions of Chile" multi-image video during our wine tasting sessions in Vancouver and Calgary was extremely well received the attending audience.

Julian Scholefield
Partner, Coletta & Associates