My Philosophy


I find that an effective multi-image presentation will last from six to twelve minutes; after that audience attention tends to dissipate. One of my major concerns in multi-image production has been the overemphasis in the field on "special effects" at the expense of substance, as it distracts the audience from the message. I believe that each individual image must advance the story line. Carefully worded captions, music and the meticulous pacing of simple dissolves do heighten audience awareness and receptivity.

Still images are what the mind remembers - they are objects, whilst video is narrative, and meaningful, but seldom memorable in the same way as a still image is. Looking at a photograph is an active process, while watching video is exposure to a constant stream, which is for the most part a rather passive process. Still images are like logos; video is more akin to add copy, just try to think of how you remember video.

If Steve McCurry had shot his famous Afghan girl image in video, it no doubt would have been moving, but it was our ability to see that moment frozen in time that would make it one of the most iconic images of the 20th century.




Multi-Image Presentations

Experienced buyers, who have seen, produced or commissioned multi-image productions praise the persuasive power and visual presence of multi-image.  Communicate your ideas through words, images, and music synchronized in a single expression. Multi-image is an orchestration of all these diverse elements.

Through the many images projected, dissolving on the screen accompanied by stunning soundtrack, these presentations have the appearance of fluidity and immediacy of film, which helps capture and maintain the attention and interest of your audience.

Your message will be delivered in a highly effective and powerful way in only a fraction of the time it usually takes other media, including video. The power of a combination of still images set to music over a video show is simply that the brain retains a still image over a longer period of time, as testified by a number of iconic photographs throughout history.

Moving Memories


Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduations, Retirements, Life Celebrations and other memorable events are the perfect occasion to bring your photos to life!

We create moving montages of your photos in multi-image shows on a video file. This is a wonderful way to reminisce about the past and celebrate the possibilities of the future. We create each show based on your wants and needs with a soundtrack of your choice.

We generate these shows in a 1080p HD video file with a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9 that can be used on a computer, laptop or tablet of your choice. We can mount the video file on a DVD or a high-resolution BluRay DVD. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to packaging. From standard printed jewel case inserts, to custom size, shape, paper, and format, we will provide just what your project needs.

These discs are the perfect gift for your friends and family. Let us recreate those meaningful times of your life and capture them on a video to treasure a lifetime.



PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations

I have produced electronic slide shows for live presentations, webinars and the web for the travel industry and corporate, government and private clients since 1990.

Let my team and I can create your presentation in PowerPoint and Keynote, and you will be a hard act to follow! We design presentations with these powerful yet easy-to-use tools that will help you set your presentations apart, as there is a certain art to putting together a solid presentation.

As a professional photographer I can photograph additional subjects, allow you access to my exclusive image library of over 300,000 digital images and also obtain images from other sources such as stock photo agencies and other image banks. In addition I can scan 35 mm slides at 4000 dpi-true optical resolution. I can also scan prints, as I have dedicated print and film scanners.

My team and I specialize in delivering multimedia solutions that are cost effective and timely.


Staging and Equipment Rental


All of my productions are created for large audience viewing with large projection screens in large auditoriums, taking into consideration theater sound systems.

My staff and I can supply a full turnkey multimedia presentation solution that includes projection equipment and amplified audio systems.

The digital projectors we use not only render HD video sources in true 1080p high definition, but enhance standard definition content to new levels of clarity and vibrancy. Lower-resolution video sources such as 480i, whether analog or digital, are automatically converted to produce full HD-like image quality with a 50000:1 Ultra High Contrast Ratio, giving you the truest, liveliest color ever. Panamorph™ lenses allow us to show 2.35:1 aspect format video, such as major studio movies, in their original wide-screen format at maximum resolution with no image distortion or letterboxing.





Peter Langer created a superb video of my 95 year old parents life for me.  The video was a brilliant collage of all their photos accompanied by their favourite music spanning nine decades and done with transition effects.  This video was made for their 69th anniversary and it brought tears to everyone’s eyes.  Both my parents said that they couldn't’ imagine a better gift.  What a wonderful tribute this was. Peter, thank you the gift of your photographic and multi-media genius and for creating these videos for me. I have a visual memory of my parents now to play for our family.

Ruth Payne, West Vancouver

Upon the passing of my husband, Peter produced a farewell multi-media video for Daniel that was exquisitely done. There was not a single dry eye in the house. His professionalism and the detailed work are characteristic of a company that I highly recommend.

Pilar Izzard, West Vancouver