I have been devoted to the creation of professional photography and multi-image productions of the highest quality since 1977. My tool is the camera; a tool, like the painter’s brush and canvas, that allows me to capture the beauty of the world that surrounds me.

I create emotional and accurate photography that captures a subject as it truly is. This is what my clients expect. I will work with you to create unforgettable images that stimulate the senses and emotions. Reliability, accuracy and careful personalized service have characterized every aspect of my projects.

I realize that everybody has a story to share and my photographic style will help you tell yours through the images I make. I use professional-level digital single-lens reflex cameras with an assortment of lenses, using flash units and lighting equipment sparingly, as it is all about natural light.

My approach to wedding and portrait photography is more about blending in and capturing intimate moments. I look for what is unique and unusual and I hope you are as well. I believe that the most remarkable and memorable moments happen unexpectedly and with real, genuine emotion and my aim is to remove the veil of stiffness and formality of the traditional style of portraiture and wedding photography.

My photographic material and articles have appeared in over 100 magazines and many books worldwide. I am proud to include among my clients some of the world's leading magazines and publishers; advertising agencies, public broadcasters, government agencies, tourism offices, airlines, cruise lines and global tour operators.

I have also photographed architecture and real estate; realized product and conceptual photography for wineries, vineyards and
liquor producers in addition to various projects for the mining and industry sectors.

My experience in photographing people and locations is unrivaled. My image collection contains well over 300,000 images
covering 160 countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America, Central America and the Caribbean,
South America, Oceania, Antarctica and the Arctic featuring a wide range of subject matter. 

To search for specific images, please visit: peterlanger.com